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The Peaceful Solution


Understanding Psychological Problems is the first step towards getting help. Psychological problems are a pattern of disturbed behavior which are a result of distress or disability that are not a part of normal behaviour. As these Psychological problems increase, they start affecting everyday activities of the person including the way a person thinks, feels, perceives and reacts to those around. These problems take a toll on not just the person suffering, but those around him/her in all spheres of life including professional, personal and social lives.
Only a person suffering from these disorders or those who spend considerable time with them can truly assess if someone needs psychological help.

Do you feel your actions or thoughts cause discomfort to you and those around you?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by circumstances and helpless?
Are you unhappy with what you achieve professionally?

 Therapies & Treatment regarding Mental Health:- 
    Depression Management
    Stress/Anxiety Management
    Mood disorder/Biopolar disorder
    HIV/AIDS Counselling
    Severe Diseases Management and Counselling
Child Related Problems:-
    Learning Disability
   Conduct Disorder
   Adolescent Problems 
   Mental Retardation
Organisational Related issues:-
  Soft Skills/Interview Preparation/GD
  Personality development
  Performance enhancement 
  PDSA Implementation
  Job Satisfaction 
  Leadership Qualities
  Time Management

If you find yourself answering in Yes to any of the above questions, you might need psychological help and IIPRS Team here to help you.



Who Needs Therapy

Understanding Psychological Problems is the first step towards getting help....