Best Soft Skill Training Institute in India

Hard skills like calculus, science and sports can be taught with a specific method and discipline but besides that there are many soft skills that an individual needs to learn essentially and there is no hard and fast rule to do that, these skills need to be instilled according to the emotional state, life circumstances of the person. Soft skills are various abilities of an individual which when enhanced can help him grow and have a better control on his life. These abilities include optimistic thinking, positive attitude, self-confidence and many more. Basically these are the qualities that we already possess but need to work on and the skills we do not have can always been learned, this is what the purpose of a soft skill training program is.

These skills help an individual throughout his lifetime in all his biggest and smallest endeavors, job, and career. Those who work upon enhancing these skills are likely to be more successful than the rest.

If you are looking for a soft skill training institute in India we offer the best training programs. We work with a team of psychologists, personality development experts and motivational speakers. Our aim is to enhance and instill the soft skills in an individual and help him bring out the best in him. Unlike other soft skill training centers in India we work on each individual separately as we understand that similar methods cannot be implied to each person as every individual has a different personality.

In our soft skill training program we try to work essentially on the 11 skills listed below.

1) Growth mindset: this skill is our ability to look at any situation and the ones involving difficulty, as a chance to learn something from it. Those who possess this skill usually focus on the bright side of most difficult situations they face. We try to help improve the mindset of people by teaching them that change is growth make them work on their own flaws and problems.
2) Regulation of emotions: anger, jealousy, anxiety, embarrassment are all negative emotions that lead us into a depressing and disturbed state of our training program we try to teach that these emotions curb our ability to think objectively and rationally, our training program includes various activities which will help to control the emotional imbalance that affects a person’s thought process. We help
3) Gestures and postures: nothing displays a person’s confidence or nervousness better than his body language; it is these small nonverbal gestures that communicate more than the words uttered by a person. Our personality development expert try to teach these skills, they organize mock interviews within a small group of our other candidates and help them bring out their personality by teaching the proper hand gestures, tone of the voice and eye movement which help them communicate effectively.
4) Voice modulation: a successful communication consists of three elements
1)Words in use
2)Body language
3)Tone of the voice

We teach that how a communication filled with passion, anger or other emotion can be reflected through the tone of the voice; it is what that makes all the difference. These skills help people in giving interviews, addressing a crowd, giving a presentation and teaching.
5) Self-confidence: the key ingredient to enhance our personality is self-confidence; it is an invisible power that drives us to conduct ourselves in the best possible manner. Our personality development experts work to boost these skills by organizing activities that include public speaking, interacting with people and enhancing various manners of walking and talking.
6) Stress management: everyone faces stress whether it a certain pressure, a deadline, examination, or a health issue. Stressing over something is very natural but it becomes a hindrance in doing the smallest activities effectively, when we lose control over it then it starts to affect out health both mental and physical. We teach various methods to control stress and increase the productivity of the person, we also teach how to prepare for new challenges by beating stress and how to create a balance between all the activities that can cause stress.
7) Resilience: it is the ability to move from a failure or a disappointment. To teach this skill we invite motivational speakers to discuss various inspiring stories involving real life tragedies .This method of our skill training is very effective as the people derive inspiration from real life stories and it helps them to understand that they can grow from a bad past experience because others have managed to do it too.
8) Forgive: many people blame themselves for making a certain mistake and find it very difficult to forgive themselves for the same. Our psychologists interact and discuss with the candidates and teach them various manners in which they can free themselves from guilt. They also discuss how we can focus our mental abilities to focus on more important things that will help in our future goals.
9) Perseverance: if you can maintain an effort and energy throughout despite all the troubles and difficulties then you possess this skill. But for those who lack this skill we try to instill it in them. Because we realize the importance of perseverance in an individual’s life and therefore we try to teach our candidates the same. In our training program we have designed activities to teach the same.
10) Self-awareness: the awareness of our own attitudes, motivations, inspirations and other emotional traits is self-awareness. We understand that every individual is different and has his own methods of thinking and dealing things therefore we work on each individual separately to bring the best of their personality.
11) Positive attitude: we are constantly surrounded by so many negative things which affect our positivity. We try to explain the importance of positive thinking by organizing lectures by famous personalities who have struggled a lot in their life and still managed to maintain a positive attitude towards life.

At Integrated Institute of Psychological Research And Studies, we work with the best scholars and teachers required to do the job. We claim to provide the best soft skill training in India as we work with people from all parts of the country which help us in understanding the mindset of our various candidates from all parts of the country.