Gender inequalities continue to be a reality, even, with a favorable economic and political environment. We believe that in order to achieve gender equality and justice in the truest sense, it is not enough to just empower women, it is also important to engage entire society as  stakeholders. This will positively change the collective consciousness of our community, leading to greater equality and gender justice in practice. IIPRS aims to remove gender-based violence that is highly prevalent in India by building an unbiased society through our unique gender-sensitization trainings. IIPRS is creating positive attitudes and behavior changes by using the principles of Mental health and psychology.

Our trainings impart information on gender equality and related laws, and create behavioral activation that results in pro-gender behavior from the outset. We also integrate gender-sensitization trainings into our work with disadvantaged youth, school and college students, juveniles in conflict with law and residents of Homes for custodial care.