Career Counselling Services in India

It is often confusing for a student to decide which career should they choose? With study avenues and career opportunities expanding on a large scale, people look out for professional career counselors who help students choose right career path. Student often grapple with questions such as- Which subjects should I choose to study in senior classes? What is the scope of my career? How will I find a right college fit… and the list is endless.

These concerns have led to the rise of professional counselors and Counselling services in the market which work towards researching suitable career choices for students that compliments their area of interest. Services linked with higher education and career Counselling enable students and parents to work towards achieving their future goals.

Why one should meet or hire career counselling services in India?

Career Counselors are usually referred to as the third parent. They mentor, befriend, guide, advice, assist the student and help them plan a structured approach for career planning. Students and parents should ideally meet a career counselor in grade 9 or 10th. The reasons why one should meet or hire career counselling services in India is because of the following reasons:

  • When you’re not sure which stream to select
  • When you’re unaware of the available career choices and what kind of career choices are suitable for you
  • When you’re clueless about pursuing the career of your choice
  • When you’re uninformed about the kind of colleges and universities which offer your type of colleges
  • When you’re unsure of the kind of application needed to seek admission in a top ranked college

A career counselor’s role is to develop a plan which makes this entire process smooth and less overwhelming.

Many career counselling services in India include Aptitude Analysis which is a detailed understanding of a student’s interest profile. This analysis assists in comprehending and identifying the most suitable careers for the students. The analysis is based on the interpretation of one’s assessment and is sought to be used as a guidance tool. It is also important to note that this analysis must be evaluated in accordance with academic performance. These tests are vital for understanding the interest of the student and making career decisions which are informed. Career Counselling helps the individual to find a good match between their interest and occupations allowing them a higher level of satisfaction and productivity.

Career Counselling Services in India allows students and parents to interact with a mentor (usually in one on one basis) to grasp a strong understanding on a student’s interest and abilities. This helps create an appropriate plan towards the final goal- college admission.

Career Counselors provide an integrated solution which helps the confused student get accurate, affordable and flexible career guidance and planning.

Various Career Counselling Services in India follow a model that helps the student to receive career guidance and assessments along with career exploration. A lot of students from India apply overseas for college admission process. This could be due to a number of reasons and most importantly due to the unimaginable high cut off’s declared by public universities within the country. Apart from this, the lack of better infrastructure and quality education which is at par with international standards also forces the students to think and look outside for global opportunities. At the same time, with the career landscape undergoing a paradigm shift in India alongside the influx of unconventional career options, students are convinced to try new and different career path. Hospital management, MBA in tourism management, Public Health, Photography, Rural Development, Urban Planning, Environmental Studies which special focus on climate change research, and so on are now trending on the career charts. Similarly, as a profession, career Counselling is also emerging as one of the top sought-after occupation among teachers and educators. Most national and international curricula have mandated all schools to have at least one career counselor for their students which makes this is a career that is involved in guiding students to build their own careers.

Career counselling services in India is a passionate field which doesn’t involve a pre-defined route of education. People from different walks of life become college counselors provided they have the desire, acumen and passion to serve students to right career selection. However, it is rarely that career counselling services in the country adopt a psychological approach that engages other critical issues related to peer pressure, low self esteem, unrealistic aspirations, identity loss and crisis, ability to not firmly decide, communication gap and evaluation apprehension.

Integrated Institute of Psychological Research and Studies (IIPRS) is an organization which focuses on understanding psychological problems as the first step to seek help. They believe that with increase of psychological problems, the everyday routine of an individual gets affected including the way they think, perceive and react. This also affects their relationship with others and dampens it.

IIPRS adopts an exclusive approach to career counselling and addresses 4 essential factors related to careers which are interest areas of an individual, individual’s aptitude, personality characteristics, future aspects. When there will be a co-relation between these 4 factors and an integrated understanding is formed, the outcome will that be of positive results.

They provide career counselling services to individuals and as well as to Groups. The objective during community projects is to provide career counselling and future orientation for adolescents belonging to a socially and economically disadvantaged section of the society. The counselors at IIPRS are working on compiling a document which entails information about the best and effective techniques adopted for career Counselling and efficient practices for handling career Counselling programs with the disadvantaged groups in the society.

The field of Career Counselling deals with areas related to development of self-awareness (interests, abilities, traits and values) and manage the expectations of young students and their parents with achievable goals. This is administered when the career counselor concentrates on the inherent positive potential of the individual. Guidance regarding information on specific professional options is also provided and young adults are made active managers in choosing suitable career paths, managing career transitions and balancing various life roles.

Career Counselling centers in the country share a common aim which is to help students find their maximum potential. They help empower the career decisions taken by the student which have the power to impact the rest of their life. If you are keen on taking a career in career counseling, then please read