The study of human learning is defined as Educational Psychology. Educational psychology understands concerns like differences in intelligence, motivation, special learners, cognitive development and learning difficulties. We also help children in improving their Aptitudes, Intelligence, Social Adjustments, and Student achievements. The main focus of Educational psychology is to help children of all age groups in improving their learning abilities by working together with individuals, families and mentors. We take extra care while dealing with gifted students.

Common Therapies performed in Educational Psychology using tools like Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests, IQ, Performance Quotient, Verbal Competency, PQ, EQ, Social Quotient, Memory Quotient are:

        Improving Behaviour Modification         Improving Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)  
        Improving Concentration Skills         Improving Coping Skills
       Improving De-sensitization         Improving Effective study Habits
       Arrange One-to- One Counselling         Arrange Family Counselling (If Required)
       Psychotherapy         Arrange Problem Solving Sessions
       Role Modelling         Play Therapy
       Token Economy 
        Special education