Increasingly stressful and anxiety provoking effects of modern day living have created an urgent need for assistance, guidance and patient listening to Psychological/Mental health concerns. While, we try to help as many people as we can, omnipresence is difficult to achieve with the small pool of trained task force available in Psychological/ Mental health service delivery. Therefore, IIPRS started a Counselling Centre helpline focusing on the following  key areas:

  • Immediate Support to Clients with Depression/Anxiety problems.

  • Career Counselling.

  • Counselling services  to Victims of Domestic Violence.

  • Behavioural Modification Counselling.

  • Parental Guidance & Counselling.

  • Teachers Guidance & Counselling.

  • Counselling services to victims of Child abuse/trafficking.

  • Counselling services to HIV Patients/Cancer Patients etc.

  • Counselling services for Senior Citizens.

  • Drug deaddiction coinselling.

  • Counselling services to Young Adults.

  • Counselling regarding Sexual behavior /queries.

  • Relationship Management/Marital Conflict.

  •  Anger management.

  •  OCD's.

  •  learning disability.

  • Fears and phobias/ mood disorders.

  • work life balance.

For any assistance regarding your mental health concerns, please call us on our helpline number+919540810590 between 10 AM to 5 PM.