Career planning and decisions are often confusing and stressful for adolescents and young adults. Young adults face immense pressure to develop plans on a structured timeline that allows for little variation or uncertainty. At IIPRS, we conduct career counseling with a positive psychological approach that engages with many issues. These issues include
family/peer pressure
following the herd
unrealistic aspirations
evaluation apprehension
self-esteem and identity crisis.
Dealing with these issues simplifies the decision-making process and career choices for young adults.

IIPRS uses a unique approach for career counseling where 04 key aspects related to career are assessed and used to help the young adult take appropriate career decisions. Our premise is that positive career choices are made when there is an alignment between these 04 aspects. The 04 aspects are
Individual’s interest areas.
Individula's Aptitude.
Personality characteristics
 Future aspects.

Career counseling incorporates a considerable focus on self-awareness, like interests, abilities, traits and values to bridge gaps in these areas, and align expectations of the young adults and their families with achievable targets. This is carried out while maintaining a focus on the inherent positive potential of the individual. Guidance regarding information on specific professional options is also provided and young adults are made active managers in choosing suitable career paths, managing career transitions and balancing various life roles.

IIPRS provides career counseling services to individuals as well as in Groups. In community projects we focus on career counseling and future orientation for adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds. IIPRS is working on to compiled a document for career counseling with techniques and best practices for running career counseling programs with disadvantaged groups. This document includes modules for group sessions and workshops on themes relevant to adolescent and adult life.