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    Complete Family
    Enjoy every aspect of family life
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    Parents & Children
    Strengthen the bond with your children
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    Senior Citizens
    Treasure every moment and live with dignity
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    Young Couples
    Respect the eternal bond


integrated institute of psychological Research and Studies, iiprs

IIPRS was setup to create accessibility to preventive and aware people regarding Psychological/social/spiritual healthcare founded in 2005, by a group of professionals from various fields like health/psychology/education/ /social/corporate sector etc. In today’s world many persons have some psychological problems , so to counter these problems under one platform we plan to build an institute which is one of its kind in the country , where you found answer to every question related to Psychological, social, and spiritual aspect of life. IIPRS believe to build a society which is free from all types of Psychological problems like depression, anxiety, phobia’s, childhood issues, young adults problems, issues related to parents, teachers, families conflicts,couple issues etc. We build awareness and provide healthcare in de-institutionalized settings by implementing interventions in the field and de-stigmatize mental healthcare. We also address frequently unidentified and ignored mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, gender-based violence, and harassment at workplace/home based abuse.

We are committing to Psychological/social/spiritual health care at the door-step of the communities, largely focusing on children, adolescents, women, old age peoples,Rural communities,slum dwellers. IIPRS is also developing an a group of professionals from various backgrounds (Doctors/ Clinical Psychologist/ Psychiatrist/ Counseling Psychologist/ MBA/ MPH/ MSW/ Nursing Professionals/ Legal & Finance professionals etc.) to support our mission by building capabilities of front line workers including health professionals, social workers, students, parents, teachers and even corporate. IIPRS truly believes that with the right perspective, individuals across all ages, and walks of life , can benefit from the help, treatments and services being offered here and live a richer life.


To enable individual as well as society to live and lead a Peaceful healthy lives.